Evening Walk

He walked down to the river, and felt a different kind of exhaustion than before. But he knew it would be better, soon. The trees, and the water, always had a the calming effect of nature, and of peace.
There had been too many emotions for a while. But it would soon change. He was searching back to the normal habits, and a different kind of stability in the habits.
The sound of the river suddenly became more clear. And then, the slight breeze, and the green color on the leaves. He slowed down his step. And then it started to feel more like before. It connected him to the many walks along the same paths in the last few years. It was a feeling of home.
It would soon be dark, and not so many people were walking there yet. Maybe they would come later, it was often hard to tell. But he moved slightly closer to the water as he walked, and then, he felt the soft grass under his shoes. New memories started to float towards him. And he knew that it would balance the mood.


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